i give up, the end.



why hello there. another quick update on things.
its now coming to the end of march, and we're on spring break!

i dont know whats there to do during spring break. seeing as how i just came back from a vacation in Bali last weekend. What happened throughout March though? well the school had their teacher variety show. and its the first time i was attending. and comparing the teachers now and then, their so much more sporting here! 0.0 its insaaane. teachers in bands, teachers performing in HipHop routines, everything! i had a swell experience.

also, i've been snoooopiing in school attending the Paramount Championship prelim rounds :) their usually after school so timing wise, it fits perfectly. everyone this year for paramounts doing so well! especially my friends + classmates! wooh so proud of ya'll. and not only that, KDU's open day is coming soon where my girls are busy prepping for it. Yepidoodle.
Thats it. What a boring update.
Have a nice March and April to come! :)

Reaching, soon.


..... super disappointed alex lamberts out :(
..... broke my heart to see him TEAR! :(
ugh america whats wrong with you?!

whataya want from me.


At this point, the whole blogging mojo seems to have faded, yet again. I have reason to believe its temporary. So anyways, an update on school.

Im now doing better. At fitting in. I guess 0:) ofcourse its not the full comfort of having friends in school. whatever that means. but like, cant be fully retarded yet! Whatever it is, school is friendlier now :) School is pretty fun. To go thru everyday.
Honestly, in the beginning, everything was like a culture shock! LOL.

Anyways, Just recently on Friday, mkis had their teacher variety show. First event i attended from school. and boy was that fun. Throughout the show i must say that the teachers, everyone so sporting in that school! wish KDU was like that :(

And yeah, im still pretty much school sick. LOL is that even a word? I miss everyone, still. i will continue missing everyone. You guys all getting busy with SPM already. And i feel so incomplete. at times :(
Goodnight have a good week see you SOON!



Its friday!
hehe. Everyone whose on a one week holiday, boo youuu.

Don't you hate it when like your standing alone someplace, and like people just walk pass you, dilebrately pushing you aside as they walk?
I hate that feeeling :(
Makes me feel so pathetic. Meh. Goodbye.

why hello, february


Geez, compared to twitter, this blog is facing a lot of neglegence. So, blogging fromn my phone I'd like to wish you a happy february :) life is still the same, and compared to all the other professional bloggers, I am nothing. Haha. Happy valentines day and happy chinese new year ya'll :D



Just got back from Singapore. And this afternoon, scanning through ION MALL, i passed herve leger. and it so happens, when i looked in, I SAW THAT VERY DRESS HANGING ON THE DOOR! okay, i didnt dare to go in, but i took a picture of it. ehehe. gosh, wonder how much it costs!

okay, CNY coming soon. Gong Xi, Gong Xi.